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Home Fire Safety Inspection

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The Arlington County Fire Department offers free home safety checks to residents of Arlington and the City of Falls Church. Let the fire department assess your: Home evacuation plan Frequency of furnace and fireplace cleaning Safe storage of flammable materials Smoke alarm placement Space heaters Extension cord use Safety practices in kitchens and around water Smoking habits Other possible fire hazards If there are children in the home, the Fire Department will check: Keeping medicines, cleaning fluids and sharp objects in a latched or locked cabinet or drawer Using toddler gates at the top and bottom of stairs in homes with a child under 3 years old Home fire evacuation plans and fire drills Keeping window blind and drapery cords secured Determining if there is chipping or peeling paint Using safe furniture and toys Assessing general safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries Home Fire Safety Inspection Checklist A fire can occur in any part of your home. Use the following checklist to do a safety audit. Smoking Habits Are all matches and lighters kept out of children’s reach? Is “NO SMOKING IN BED” a rule of the house? Is your family aware that ash trays should NEVER be emptied into waste baskets? Are there plenty of large, safe ash trays throughout the house? Do you check for smoldering cigarette butts in the furniture? Electrical Hazards Are appliances checked periodically for good operating conditions? Are you careful not to run extension cords under rugs or over hooks and nails? When using extension cords for appliances, does the gauge of both cords match? Are electrical outlets overloaded? Housekeeping Do you keep rubbish cleaned out of attics, garages and yards? Is paint kept in tightly closed metal containers? Are flammable liquids stored in safety cans and kept away from heat and children? Have you make it a rule to NEVER use flammable liquids for cleaning clothes or start fires? Are oily rags kept in a tightly sealed container? Is your clothes dryer vent clean and properly installed? Heating and Cooking If you have a fireplace, is a screen always placed in front of it? Is the filter for your forced air heater changed yearly and the venting cleaned? Are furnaces and wood burning stoves in good repair and located away from combustible walls and ceilings? Do you have the fireplace chimney cleaned and checked periodically? Do you make sure combustibles are not stored near the stove, heater or fireplace? Do your children keep a safe

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